what’s the best tempered glass screen protector

right now, there are too much different quality of tempered glass screen protector in the market. Do you know how to distinguish the different tempered glass screen protector?

1. thickness.  there are 0.2mm, 0.26mm, 0.3mm, 0.33mm, 0.4mm tempered glass in the market. the thin, the more expensive, the better.

2. transparency. high transparency( up to 99%) is the best tempered glass screen protector. usually, the normal one is 95%-98%.

3. hardness. there are 8H-9H tempered glass screen protector. 9H hardness tempered glass is the best, it can protect your screen preventing scratch by sharp item, such as knives and nail, etc.

4. anti fingerprint and anti oil. usually, normal tempered glass screen protector have little function anti fingerprint or anti oil. the best quality one can keep your screen clean and comfortable. 

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